Enjoy new skills
Share old wisdom
Embrace mentoring

Wisdom is to be shared - not taught.
Become part of a future that is not about age - The next decades are about sharing this planet and the economy across more generations than ever before.

Inspire no matter what age you are!
You have wisdom to tell someone older or younger doesn't know yet. Embrace mentoring as well as receiving it.
This is not about algorithmic created app content.
This is about individual wisdom shared to you as an individual.

Everyone is a storyteller, a mentor, a columnist or a sorcerer of forgotten knowledge.

Generation Z is not just about the generation born after 1995. It’s about you and me, it’s about every generation alive, participating in and witnessing a generational gap bigger than any before. It’s about quantum leaps in technology, data and communication, a complete overhaul of business concepts and economical structures. Changes in politics and a consciousness towards ethical and sustainable live choices.

Generation Z will innovate the face of this planet and everyone alive in the Twenty Twenties will be part of it.
Innovation Z is a model to close the generational gap and to integrate you or your business to be a crucial part of this new Decade's economic model.


Economy in the Twenty Twenties is vastly different to anytime before as by 2020 already over 40% of buying power comes from under 23 year old. During the next 10 years Generation Z will contribute 30% of workforce in most countries.
Everyone over 30 years old today, will face the fact of having superiors in their early 20s managing them for the rest of their employee life.
This is a wake-up call for a wide range of industries and everyone participating in the Economy of the next Decade.

Innovation Z is a coaching system that makes any generational gap obsolete. It’s about integrating every generation’s skills and know-how into Generation Z to contribute shaping a
team based Economy rather than forcing outdated and static models upon their mindset.

I am guiding you as an individual or multi generational team through the process of finding purpose and a career within “future proof” team structures. I help position (or re-position) your skill levels, values and expectations towards a future where success is being defined solely by individual authenticity and constant change.
Let's get in touch to find out more: andy@innovation-z.com
Or find my recent articles on Generation Z here.

Excellence 2020

The retail sales man of the year - will be the successful micro influencer of tomorrow. Excellence 2020 is all about customer care and sharing your own capabilities. What would you do, if you were paid entirely based on how you share your expertise? And how that expertise creates value in a constantly changing environment.
The Twenty Twenties require a completely different game plan between human interaction and predominantly online driven revenues.
City centres and shopping malls won’t die out because of online retail, simply because humans still want to experience products and quality before making a buying decision.
Learn how to use your expertise and business strategy to even expand your revenue streams in an eCommerce driven world.
Let's get in touch to find out more: andy@innovation-z.com

About ME

For decades my personal best - or what I considered that to be - turned out under stress. I called myself a “Paniac”, someone who procrastinates for 95% of the time a task or project is due, to then produce something presentable, under panic and torture like pressure, during the last 5% of time.

For a long time and regardless of the quality of any outcome, I was under the impression that this is just how I function.

Then, when there was no task or pressure in sight, I very often found myself having super visions about complex challenges, tasks, questions or projects. I don’t know, how often I’ve invented world changing technologies, processes or services and each and everyone of them was so brilliant, they should have made me a millionaire many times. Unfortunately none of them made me a millionaire - or actually lived longer than for a couple minutes or sometimes days - because I didn’t let them manifest into something I really believed in. Doubts about myself always let me procrastinate right over every genius idea, zeroing out every further thought process if I could pull any of these ideas off the ground and let them fly.

I’ve discovered, that my personal timeline is just a loose chain of random snapshots of activities, experiences, jobs and events. Yes, sorted in a chronologic way from being younger to older, but in regards to their priority - totally random.

Within these random snapshots, there were many good times, actually more careers than many other people possibly have in their own lifetime. But they remained snapshots. Bubbles of careers I lived like roles, like an actor playing different versions of himself, his life and who he could possibly be.

These roles led me through many different industries, job skills, countries, continents and relationships. So you could say, I’ve maybe experienced more than the average person in one lifetime. But then, I’ve never had a true feeling of direction or purpose in any of these life stages, so that I could have stayed on that road for a long time. Most of the time I was in doubt of the particular career or relationship I was just in at that time and was usually under the impression, that this step-stone in my life was just another opportunity driven event.

Of course I procrastinated everything and only delivered under stress! Who wants to concentrate on an outcome, when you consider your own life situation as just another episode? So the outcome is just due diligence but no purpose.
At some stage in my life I thought I found out that drifting and role playing might be my purpose, so that my snapshot timeline actually means I am riding my life like a few waves in the ocean.

That did feel good! And it justified jumping head over heels into a few more careers. This time mostly into activist or non-profit directions and even into (very basic) film acting roles.
The bubbles on my timeline showed up quicker, one after the other and became even smaller episodes. It felt like a bubbly lifestyle. In other words, a state that feels pretty good because everything seems possible. Until doubt kicks in again and again. Until none of these new lives monetise. Until I’ve realised that I’ve manifested some super visions into roles on my time line - without believing into just one of it for real or see any true purpose anywhere.

I’ve had to find the source for my imbalance between vision, purpose, manifestation - and doubt.
Something made me sabotage my own reality, my self love and my confidence with self doubt.
Procrastination turned out to be the venom I chose against myself to numb every true thought about where I truly want to be and what purpose I exist for.
Until I finally went through a manifestation of my ideal reality, which came sudden, was kicked off by a guided transformation session and resolved literally within minutes.
Well, I didn’t physically change my life within minutes, but I’ve reseted my timeline, which instantly helped me focusing on my true direction.

The very positive effect of living an ever changing timeline and kind of Method Acting through all kinds of new challenges is, I’ve gained a lot of skills and insights into industries, economies and their share-holders. I might not be an in-depth specialist like someone who worked in one particular area for decades - or even studied any of them, but! … with every new role, every new bubble I’ve added to my timeline, my ability to compare and cross-check in between all of them grew. I wasn’t aware of that strength for a long time.

So how did I manage to consolidate all these industry insights and life experiences into segments you find here on this website? How did I gain trust over sabotaging my consciousness with doubt?

I’ve started to create equations, adding up various business skills of mine and what that results into.

Customer Service (from Hotel Management)
+ Online innovation (from SaaS Technology Providers)
+ eCommerce (from Media Agencies)
+ Customer care (from Retail)
+ Social media (from Online Retail)
+ Education and understanding the next generation (from sustainability start-ups and retail).

= A detailed canvas to connect generations and let them thrive in an economy driven by innovation and technology changing faster than ever before. A mindset that creates a consciousness across generations towards shaping our future together.

… Innovation Z was born!

I’ve written two articles about the phenomenon of Generation Z you can find here.


Andy Vogt
I am Sydney based. For more detail or how to get in touch interstate or worldwide,
please email and I will get back to you shortly.