Wisdom is to be shared - not taught.
The future is about sharing this planet, its economy and resources across more generations than ever before.

Inspire 360
Embrace mentoring - giving as well as receiving it.

Everyone is a storyteller - and every story can help a business of tomorrow.


Everyone over 30 years old today, will face the fact of having superiors in their early 20s managing them for the rest of their employee life.
Embrace your generations and use them as strength
- Do you know which online/offline strategy mix is most suited for your business?
- Are you unsure where to start?
- Do you know your impact on different customer generations and their revenue allocation?
- Do you want to optimise skills and knowledge share across your staff?
- Are you unclear about your leads and sales funnels - and their potential?
- Do you need help finding the right professionals to expand your multichannel operations?

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Inspire 360

The retail sales man of the year - will be the successful micro influencer of tomorrow. It's all about customer care and sharing your own capabilities. What would you do, if you were paid entirely based on how you share your expertise? And how that expertise creates value in a constantly changing environment.
The Twenty Twenties require a completely different game plan between human interaction and predominantly online driven revenues.
City centres and shopping malls won’t die out because of online retail, simply because humans still want to experience products and quality before making a buying decision.
Learn how to use your expertise and business strategy to even expand your revenue streams in an eCommerce driven world.
Let's get in touch to find out more: andy@innovation-z.com

About ME

Degree in hotel management
B.A. in business economy
Online media & SEM consultant
Sustainability start up entrepreneur
DIY & woodworking specialist
Musician &music retail specialist
Tiny house & off grid living individualist
Free spirit and forward thinker
. . . the list goes on :)


Andy Vogt
I am based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. For more detail or how to get in touch interstate or worldwide,
please email and I will get back to you shortly.
andy@innovation-z.com (andy@innovation-z.com)